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Donald Jury


Donald Jury

Donald Jury, Preservationist, 1942 – Don Jury’s exposure to the Stockyards began as an outside auditor for Swift & Company in 1966. In 1974, Don joined Justin Industries as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Justin gave Don a special assignment to help two of Justin Boot Company’s oldest dealers in the Stockyards. In 1983, Jury joined Billy Bob Barnett in an effort to redevelop the Fort Worth Stockyards Historical District.

Don used his financial experience to assist Mr. Barnett and his partners in the acquisition of almost 200 acres in the district. Some $25mm in long-term financial commitments for the redevelopment of the Stockyards were in place. In 1986, a financial crisis hit and the commitments were rescinded resulting in subsequent closing of Billy Bob’s in January 1988. Jury began dialogue with lenders and helped to reopen Billy Bob’s in November of that year, helping to drive much of the Stockyards’ resurgence.

For over 30 years, Don has been a supporting member of the North Fort Worth Historical Society and is one of the founding members of the Stockyards Preservation Foundation. Don and his wife, Jo have been married for 35 years and together with their three children and three grandchildren operate the Jodon Cattle Company ranch in Thurber, TX.

Don Jury has chosen to operate behind the scenes in his significant support of the Stockyards’ development. His contributions have been significant in that effort.

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