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James Hampton


James Hampton

From his first film, The Cliffdwellers, which was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Short Subject Film” in 1962, to the multi-award winning movie Slingblade, James Hampton’s career as an actor, writer and director spans 50 years. Along the way, he has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as “Caretaker” in the original version of The Longest Yard, and has starred in such memorable films as Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, China Syndrome, Hawmps!, Condorman, and more.

He also worked as a writer/producer/director on Evening Shade, and was a regular director on numerous successful sitcoms such as Hearts of Fire, Sister Sister, Smart Guy, The Tony Danza Show, Linc’s, Boston Common, and Grace Under Fire. When James decided to semi-retire in 2002, there was not question but that he would do so back in the Fort Worth area where he resides with his wife, Mary.

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