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Ben King “Doc” Green


Ben King “Doc” Green

A Writer of horse trading stories Ben was a “wild, young cowboy” buying, selling and trading stock that fueled his imagination more than formal learning. He practiced veterinary medicine, though apparently without a degree. In 1960, Ben contributed several of his horse trading stories to the Tally Book, publication for the Fort Worth International Quarter Horse Jockey Club.

He wrote his stories just like he talked and his spell binding stories fascinated acquaintances and strangers alike and launched the writer, Ben K. Green. Ben wrote 10 books among them was “HORSE TRADIN” …after the 25th printing in 1990 the book was hailed as a classic of Western Americana, and it is his best known book today. His contemporary, writer A. C. Green, praised Ben’s stories, saying, “I think he represented the last real voice of old-time Texas in literature.

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