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Mary D & F. Howard Walsh Sr


Mary D & F. Howard Walsh Sr

Mary D & F. Howard Walsh Sr — “Howard and I never thought we were special or anything,” said Mary D. Fleming Walsh, his wife of 61 years. “We liked to give rather than keep the money, so we have always given as much as we could.” Give they did, in the millions. And Fort Worth benefited in as many ways. Hospitals, churches, arts groups, schools (especially TCU) and community organizations all knew if there was a need, the Walshes had open hearts, and usually an open checkbook, too.

Walsh entered the work world during the Depression, landing a job with the Armour Co. where he later was promoted to HEAD of the test department. . . for $18 per week, he wrote. This did not look like the road to riches to me. The couple, shown above in 1970, built a game room and dance hall on the back of their house to accommodate their legendary parties and square dances, but when the office beckoned, Howard worked long and hard, (he charted all his stocks by hand each day) then shared the fruits with others.

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