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Stylle Reed


Stylle Reed

It was in college at the University of North Texas at Denton that he discovered his talent and love of mural painting. Stylle comes by it naturally, born into a family surrounded by art. His artist father, Sleepy Read, painted abstracts and modern art, but also painted landscapes of rural Texas. Stylle has 25 years of experience painting professionally.

In 1979, he began painting scenes on vans, a hot item back then. A Remington scene adorned his own van. He painted scenes on Nashville musicians’ touring busses, including Hank Williams, Jr. His largest mural is the 31 x 83 ft. Texas street scene for the Fort Worth Stockyard.

He works quickly, sometimes completing a large mural in days. Airbrush, paint brushes, rollers and spray guns are his tools, using artist’s paint, high gloss paint and house paint. Outside murals are then covered by a sealer developed by NASA for UV ray blockage to prevent excessive fading of color.

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