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Texas Rangers


Texas Rangers

For 200 years the Rangers have been a part of the history and mythology of the Old West. While they hold a special reverence for their heritage, they proudly embrace who they have become. Today’s Texas Rangers reflect the diversity, professionalism, and integrity you would hope to find in one of the world’s oldest – and finest – law enforcement organizations.

The Texas Rangers are among the most revered law enforcement divisions in the country for a reason. The elite and storied Rangers are men and women of integrity and moral fortitude, willing to risk their lives in selfless service to the state of Texas. This trusted division is known for investigative tactics that yield results time and again, leading to arrests in major cases.

The Rangers are a leader in border security, tactical operations, and crisis negotiation, providing direct support and intelligence to ensure our state is protected at every level.

Their tactics and methods are cutting edge, leading to specialized training for law enforcement partners. They risk their lives and spend countless hours away from friends and family. Throughout the years, the Rangers have always had the safety and security of Texans utmost in their minds and hearts.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the Country – The Texas Rangers are respected across the World – they are regularly compared to Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Keep in mind the Ranger Division makes up .04% of DPS – there are only 166 Rangers in the entire state of Texas.

You do not see them at the microphone during a press conference, but if you look in the background you will see them and make no mistake, they do the work and get the job done with no fanfare.

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